Your Multiplication Tables Buddy

MathMatic is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 to 12. It is dedicated to that unique task and it does it thoroughly.

MathMatic can be used from pre-school time until many years later, when the student is expected to master multiplication tables.

Times tables

MathMatic main features:

  • Automatic generation of drill sheets with preview before print
  • Choice of using multiply or divide operators in a fix, alternated or random manner
  • Work in written, written-timed or mental modes
  • Recording and playback of operations and errors
  • User configurable color and sound schemes
  • Easy "Point & Click" selection of tables to work with
  • Selectable elimination of low multipliers
  • Selectable random crossing of operands
  • Adjustable "think timer" for written-timed and mental modes
  • Use Mouse or keyboard to enter the answer
  • Automatic generation of operations based on selected tables, multipliers and operators

MathMatic comes with four integrated languages:
English, German, French and Dutch with translated help system.

System requirements

Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 9x, ME. A sound card and speakers are optional but recommended in order to enjoy all features.